Fathers For Peace Messaging, Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Fathers For Peace Messaging, Blessed Are the Peacemakers

The mission of Fathers For Peace is to unite fathers in a brotherhood of fatherhood to create a peaceful world where all of our children can flourish. Now is the time to lock arms with each other in a “brotherhood of fatherhood” and work collectively to create a more peaceful and just world so that all of our children can walk in peace. One of our duties in this sacred position of fatherhood is to teach. So, we have to ask ourselves what are we teaching our children

Whether it is directly or by example we are teaching our children the ways to be in the world. A friend of mine once told me that he raised his son “like a pit bull tied to a fence” when I asked him what he meant he explained that you have to tie a pit bull to a fence and beat it to make it mean enough to fight. He taught his son that way of living based on his own belief that the world was a cold hard place where you needed to be ready to fight and if necessary kill as a way to survive the harshness of life. In his mind, he was demonstrating love to his son by preparing him for “reality”. True to the teachings of his father the son was convicted of murder and sent to prison. A self-fulfilling prophecy of fear, grief and misery. Most of us don’t have to look far to see evidence that we have major work to do to create a different paradigm for us and our children. Fathers For Peace is an organization of fathers who are ready to move courageously toward a way of living among ourselves that teaches peace over war, love over hate, and the connectedness of all of us over separation.

Something that we all have in common as dads is that we love our children. Nothing else in the world can transform us and bring out the best in us like being a father. It instantly raises us to this sacred position and demands things from us that sometimes we didn’t even know we had to give. How exciting is it to have a child be our guide on how to live? What do we learn from watching them interact without fear, prejudice or suspicion or any of the other illusions that separate us. It is true that when we become “adults” we often become adulterated and lose the vision of a world where acceptance, harmony, and peace are the ways we live by.

So, the question becomes what type of world do we want for our children and what are we willing to do to create that world for them? We see that we are willing to form armies to go to war, lose millions of lives, cause unimaginable suffering, and justify it as necessary maintaining some way of life. Are we willing to form an army to create peace, do we have the courage to transform ourselves and our world to make it a place where all of our children can flourish?

Now is the time for all fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, who have an interest in creating a more peaceful world for the future generations to form that army. To draw our security from the power of love instead of the application of force. Fathers For Peace is looking for fathers who are willing to let go of age, income, race, culture paradigms and other ideologies that normally separate us to the higher calling of creating a world where all of our children can walk in peace. These are fathers who have empathy, courage, are loving and have vision. They have a deep concern for the current state of affairs and realize that we all can play a major part in the healing of the world we live in. 

One of the most powerful things about fatherhood is that it is a universal concept so we instantly have brothers in peace in every corner of the world. We have to use all available means to seek out the fathers who agree with this need and harness the collective actions/energy to begin to create peace. Our strength lies in our love for our children. It also lies in our connection that we have to each other from knowing that as fathers we all have so much in common. Together we can build a worldwide village to help us raise sons and daughters of peace and let violence and war as a way of life be part of the past.


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