Reporting From the Front Lines of Peace: Beyond the Bang-Bang

Reporting From the Front Lines of Peace: Beyond the Bang-Bang

There is a tendency in reporting to accept conflict and the suffering it creates as somehow inevitable.

But it isn’t. Which is why The New Humanitarian launched a series, reporting from the front lines of peace. The focus of our coverage is on how atrocities can be prevented, how societies can be made more resilient, and how peace can be sustainably built.

In short, we’re looking at the flipside of humanitarian disaster: attempts at healing and redemption with a focus on the “triple nexus”: the fusion of peace work, development, and humanitarianism.

how peace can be sustainably built

In this post we introduce you to some of the people our reporters have met, offering their unique take on what peace means for them. You can also click through a graphic  that tots up the number of agreements around the world (the huge number is both positive and alarming). And take a look at our “war and peace, defined” section – explaining some of the ideas you might find in our coverage.

In collaboration with the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, The New Humanitarian is exploring ways to ensure that our reporting reaches individuals involved in relevant policy conversations, via new distribution channels and events.


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