FFP Will Have Videos from Local Dads

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Your video could become part of a documentary to be shown as part of a peace campaign. We're building a four part series on peace. Create your 60 second video sharing how you address fatherhood issues on a personal, local, national, and international scale. We also want to create local chapters of FFP to deal […]

Help Charities With Virtual Volunteering

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"Virtual volunteering is any kind of volunteer activity that you do remotely and that somehow involves the Internet," says Jayne Cravens, who has been researching virtual volunteering since the 1990s. Projects include varied tasks such as bookkeeping, writing fundraising letters, building a website, entering data, translating a document, designing a logo and countless others you […]

Provide Pure Water And Fresh Food

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Pure Water for the World’s mission is to “improve lives by empowering people with access to life’s most basic necessities…safe water and sanitation.”


Excitement Sustains the Health of Children

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If you’re a father focused on global good you can donate to the outstanding, and highly efficient International Rescue Committee. Right now they are focusing a lot of their efforts toward the emergency refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East which is of great concern to lots of the dads.  If  you want to be […]


Use Hashtags To Support Online

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Use hashtag #FathersForPeace online. Connect with fathers who have empathy, courage, are loving and have vision. They have a deep concern for the current state of affairs and realize that we all can play a major part in the healing of the world we live in.  One of the most powerful things about fatherhood is […]